I discovered Yoga in my early 20’s, coming from a gymnastics and horse riding background Yoga felt like home to me.
Over the years physically it has kept me strong, healthy and great relief for back and sciatica problems, emotionally it has kept me grounded, calm and grateful.
Each time we step onto our mat we learn to breathe, trust, listen more, react less, and laugh more, with practice this flows into our everyday life leaving you feeling balanced and nourished from the inside out. I studied with Carrie- Anne Fields and her diligent team at My Health Yoga completing level 1 & 2. of 550 hrs. Continued workshops and studies along the way.

I look forward to meeting and practicing with you in Hot room at Soul!

At Soul, you will learn how to use food and lifestyle as medicine, and yourself and your own power as your personal doctor of choice!

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Chiro Opening hours Tue/Thurs 7am-11am. 3pm-6pm.

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