I have always been health conscious and I had thought my health & fitness was under control practicing having practiced Reiki, clean eating, cycling, gym and Pilates for many years but in March 2014 a friend introduced me to Bikram Yoga. I was challenged on every level in my first Hot Yoga class but I knew at the end of the 90 minutes that I had found a ‘pot of gold’.

I had found the mind, body and spirit connection that I had been looking for for my overall health and wellbeing. I couldn’t tell enough people about this amazing yoga, I told everyone who would listen then as life can take many different turns in October the same year at 64years of age I was made redundant so I thought well I’ll just retire but as one door closed another opened. I was so passionate about the yoga I talked with a studio owner then applied to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2015 and was accepted. I was ecstatic

I graduated in June 2015 and have been teaching ever since.

I love sharing the benefits of the practice and I’m honored to be a part of other peoples journey at the same time as continuing my journey of discovery.